The FIBO CROSS Signal Indicator for TradingView

Automatically generated trading signals you can use to trade the markets profitably

Trade signals in the direction of the trend for excellent profits

Can be used for all markets: stocks, forex, futures, etc.

Can be used in every timeframe and with every trading style

Suitable for day trading and swing trading

Specially programmed for TradingView

The Advantages of the FIBO CROSS Signal Indicator

Profitable signals

Generate high profits with optimal entries in trends in all markets and timeframes.

Fully optimized

Start trading immediately without any prior knowledge. The FIBO CROSS indicator is optimally configured.

Automatic monitoring

Use TradingView’s alert function via email or the app. There are some drawbacks to the free version.


You can freely adapt and modify the signal indicator according to your own trading strategy. Done!

Don’t miss another signal!

Long-term entries in the direction of the trend

Unlimited use of the signal indicator, including all updates

Unbeatable value

Don’t have TradingView yet?

You need the (free) TradingView software to use the FIBO CROSS Signal Indicator.

The platform offers excellent, easy-to-use charts for better trading.

Questions on the FIBO CROSS Signal Indicator

How do I get access?

You enter your TradingView username during the ordering process. We will activate our strategy within 24 to 48 hours. No additional steps are necessary.

Do I need TradingView?

Yes! Our indicators are programmed exclusively for TradingView. If you’re new to TradingView, please click here.

Do I need a paid version of TradingView?

No! You can use our indicators with the “Basic” version, which is free. Please note, though, that there are some drawbacks to the free version.

How do I use the indicator?

The indicator is easy to use. After opening a chart window, click Indicators & Strategies and then Invite-Only Scripts. Done!