Use profitable EUR/USD Trading Signals

You can regularly make a profit in Forex trading too

The advantages of our EUR/USD trading signals at a glance:

You will receive detailed trading instructions (buy, sell take profit, stop loss)

Those who work during the day can also earn money with our trading signals on a part-time basis

Optimal risk/reward ratio

All of our signals are based on charts and price-action analysis

Our EUR/USD signals are tradable for traders with any account size

And this makes EUR/USD trading easy for you!

If the situation on the foreign exchange markets allows, you will receive a clear trading signal for the forex currency pair EUR/USD in the morning.

You get a defined entry point, the stop loss that goes with it for limiting the loss and a take profit for taking the profits. Each trading signal is described using a chart.

Entries are always made via limit orders or stop orders. We do not use market orders. This means that you normally always have enough time to implement the EUR/USD signals via your broker’s trading platform. And if you do ever miss a signal for whatever reason, then it really isn’t a big deal. There will always be new interesting and profitable EUR/USD signals.

Our EUR/USD trading signals will be sent to you via email as a PDF file.

What our customers say:

Hello Mr. Kagels,

I have to say I’m flabbergasted. Where do you get your signals that are so spot on in EUR/USD? I take in all the signals, and I’m certainly no fool, but I would never have wanted to bet on your forecast for today.

It was almost a bit spooky for me. (Just don’t give it away for free! (((-:) I went with both of them, but got out quite a bit earlier because, forgive me, obviously I didn’t have the guts.

You deserve a big compliment, respect and really quite a few other positive attributes! If there was any doubt remaining, today you have completely convinced me.

– Volker Reinhardt

satisfied customer

As a beginner in Forex trading, Mr. Kagels exceeded my expectations in many ways: As my coach, I got to know an absolute trading professional who imparted knowledge with decades of experience and always justified the trust necessary. Thanks to his trading signals, I have achieved an incredible performance that I would never have thought impossible before.

– Benno Niehaus

satisfied customer

EUR/USD Trading Signals (Forex) and Trading Support

You receive trading signals and accurate market assessments for the EUR/USD currency pair (EURO/DOLLAR).

$1 for the first 14 days (trial subscription)

No obligation! Easy to cancel.

Questions and answers about our EUR/USD signals – FAQ

Who compiles the EUR/USD trading signals?

The trading signals are selected by the Kagels trading team.

Who are the EUR/USD trading signals suitable for?

Our EUR/USD trading signals are aimed at all serious forex traders who are able to seize trading opportunities during the day. Our subscribers are full-time traders, but also working professionals who have time during the day to react to market developments.

How many trad signals are normally provided per week?

Of course, that depends a lot on the circumstances of the euro/dollar currency pair. When the market is trending, there are more signals. When the market is consolidating, there are fewer signals. On average, however, there should be one or two trading signals per week.

How are the EUR/USD trading signals communicated to the subscribers?

Our trading signals and position adjustments are sent via email as a PDF file. You will receive an update with every new trading signal and important position adjustments.

What time are the trading signals sent out to the subscribers?

Usually you will receive the EUR/USD signals in the morning or in the afternoon.

How can you know that a position should also be held over night?

If you do not receive an update from us with a position closure by 8 p.m., the position will be held overnight.

How high is your probability of success?

The probability of success is just one important component of successful trading. The risk/reward ratio is just as or even more important. We aim for a probability of success of 60 to 70%.

Do you not look at the news for your trades? And why not?

We pay attention to the most important economic data. These are the labor market data and interest rate decisions of the central banks. We act more cautiously than usual on these days and dates.

What risk can be taken with a EUR/USD trading signal?

We risk a maximum of 1% of our trading capital per trade.

Is it necessary to implement all of your EUR/USD trading signals?

No, it is by no means necessary. If our subscribers cannot trade signals due to time constraints, it’s not a problem at all. There are more than enough trading opportunities over the course of a month.

How long should I stay in a trade until it has fulfilled your goals/targets? Or should I get out when I have made enough profit?

Here, there are a few options:

1. If you want to follow our signals 1:1, you will have to wait until you receive a corresponding email about exiting the position or until the specific price targets have been achieved.

2. On the other hand, if you have a book profit that you feel is sufficient for your trading, then of course you can take this profit and exit the trade. Often there is the possibility of a new entry at better prices.