The Best Economic Calendars for Traders (2022)

Economic calendars: in order to prepare for trading each day, it’s essential for traders to be informed about the dates on which economic data is released.

For this purpose, I’ve integrated a helpful economic calendar with current financial news into this website.

Every trader should be aware of the release dates for important economic data, including labor market numbers, interest rate decisions, inflation rates, and gross domestic product. This is especially important for day traders and short-term traders.

Check the economic calendar before making trading decisions

Feel free to stop by each day to check upcoming economic news releases.

The following financial calendar is provided by our partner

Real Time Economic Calendar provided by

The relevance of individual events is indicated by the number of bull heads. You can use the filter to exclude events linked to individual currencies or to determine the relevance of the stock market events that are shown.

The calendar shows actual, forecast, and previous figures for each release.

Read the stock market calendar correctly

Investopedia explains what is meant by “economic calendar” in greater detail. 

Additional financial calendars for traders and investors:

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