Taking Advantage of Commodity Futures as a Trader

Commodity futures are an interesting type of speculative investment. Before the introduction of stock index futures and forex trading, speculative traders had few options other than commodity futures. In this article, I’d like to discuss the most important commodity futures contracts. Commodity futures have origins in agriculture The first commodity futures were traded on the …

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Calculating the Tick Value in Currency Futures (2022)

I’m often asked by traders how to calculate the tick and pip value in forex trading. In this article, I’d like to take a closer look at currency futures and provide an explanation of “tick value” as it is commonly used in futures trading. In a later article, we’ll discuss pip value, which is what …

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DAX Futures: The Basics (2022)

DAX futures

We’ve noticed that many new traders are interested in day-trading the DAX index or DAX futures, but lack important information. In this article, I’d like to explain the basics of DAX futures trading and answer the most common questions we get about our live day-trading of DAX futures. I’ll be discussing the following topics in …

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Larry Williams: Introducing a Trading Legend (Update 2022)

Larry Williams

In 1987, Larry Williams won the World Cup Trading Championship with a return of 11,376 percent. This outstanding performance earned him the title of the world’s best trader. No one else has ever come close to achieving the same performance. Who is Larry Williams? Larry Williams was born in Miles City, Montana, on October 6, …

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The new Micro E-mini futures: an alternative to CFD trading? (2022)

Micro futures: In Germany, anyone who trades stock indices such as the Dax, S&P, Dow Jones and the Nasdaq with CFDs instead of directly with futures primarily does so because they want to benefit from the good scalability and the relatively low margins. In the U.S., however, it’s a different story because CFDs are prohibited. …

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Futures broker – what you should know before you decide (2022)


What you should know before you choose your futures broker. In our futures broker reviews you can learn about all the details and special things a futures trader is really looking for. Futures broker – reviews, test, experiences Agora direct Review AMP Global – experiences with the online broker Banx Broker Review Tastyworks Broker Review …

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