How many CFD Traders are in Germany? (2022)

I read an interesting article today (Aug. 19, 2015) in the FAZ about how many CFD traders there were in Germany. Here is a brief summary of the numbers mentioned: There are 47,000 active traders in Germany. Eighty-three percent think about investments (trading) on a daily basis. That compares to around 10 percent for the …

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Arbitrage: How to take Advantage of Price Differences? (2022)

This image shows a arbitrage sign.

I’ve worked for various trading companies and would like to share my experiences with arbitrage in this article. As suggested by the headline, classical arbitrage involves taking advantage of price and interest rate differences in trading. What are the different types of arbitrage? We can classify arbitrage based on asset class, strategy and markets (spot …

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Currency Correlations in Forex Trading (2022)

This image shows the long-term correlation of GPB/USD & EUR/USD from 2014 to 2021 in a weekly chart.

In this article I’d like to take a closer look at correlations in the forex market. Correlation is a measure of association. It can arise because of causal or stochastic relationships. A distinction is made between positive and negative correlation. In this article I’d like to share some thoughts on currency correlations. The correlation between …

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Securities Examinations and Licenses in the United States

In this article, I’d like to provide an overview of the most common financial securities examinations needed to work as a licensed securities professional in the United States. Series 3 The Series 3 is one of the best-known examinations. Successful completion entitles you to sell commodity futures as well as options on commodity futures. The …

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Market Profile (2022) – The Fingerprint of the Market

Time, price and volume are the three factors governing price formation in markets. The Market Profile is a graphic that links them. Development of the Market Profile The Market Profile was developed by Peter Steidlmayer, a trader at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), in the 1980s. Steidlmayer was looking for a way to gain …

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Using Pivot Points in Trading (with Examples / 2022)

A pivot point is a mathematically calculated point on a chart that often serves as support or resistance. It represents a potential turning point in the market or can be used as an indicator of market movements. Pivot point basics With the help of pivot points, you can easily and consistently calculate support and resistance …

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Footprint Charts (2022) – Looking under the Hood of the Market

Footprint Charts

The purpose of footprint charts is to allow traders to use the vast amount of data generated by markets in a profitable way. The charts afford greater transparency and provide a visual means to gain deeper insight into trading activity in real time. They significantly enhance information content, which is crucial for traders. In addition …

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Broker comparison – who is the best? In this article, we are introducing – background information is a relatively young fintech company that was founded in the year 2016 and has been able to register rapid growth ever since. With over 3,000 different tradable markets, this CFD broker from Cyprus has quite …

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Swissquote – broker review (2022)

Swissquote Review

Broker comparison – who is the best? In this article, we are introducing Swissquote. Swissquote – what’s behind it This article looks into the online broker Swissquote, which is part of the Swissquote Group Holding Ltd. The Swissquote Group is headquartered in Switzerland (Gland). Clients in Europe are being looked after by a subsidiary called …

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RoboMarkets broker review | test (2022)

Robomarkets logo

Broker comparison – who is the best? In this article, we are introducing RoboMarkets. The provider RoboMarkets is a so-called multi-asset broker. Interested traders and investors can use this online broker to trade 8 different asset classes comprising over 12,000 actual assets.   Apart from its extensive range of tradable assets, RoboMarkets also gives its …

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OctaFX – broker experience, test and rating (2022)

OctaFX logo

Broker comparison – who is the best? In this article, we are introducing OctaFX. OctaFX – background info This article focuses on the STP forex broker called OctaFX. The brand was established in 2011 as part of Octa Markets Incorporated, whose main office is situated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. These days, the online …

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