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The Kagels Trading Team

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Karsten Kagels
CEO & Head of Trading

As a specialist for day trading, swing trading and positions trading, I help prospective traders and active investors to trade profitably in the international Forex, Futures and stock markets. You benefit from the knowledge I have gained from 40 years of trading and my in-depth understanding of how to profitably read price charts.

Managing Director Ross Trading GmbH
For more than 16 years, from 1996 to 2013, I was the managing director of Ross Trading GmbH and the only trading coach in the German-speaking world authorized by Joe Ross.

Managing Director Kagels Trading GmbH
In 2014 I founded Kagels Trading GmbH. What I have learned over all these years as a trader and publisher is now of benefit to my customers, to whom I systematically pass on my knowledge.

Philipp Greineder
COO & Head of Education

Picture of Philipp Greineder

Looking back to when I began at the end of 2009, I can say with certainty that I have made every mistake. Of course I wanted to earn a lot of money quickly! But back then the reality looked different and it still does today.

This is how trading works
Starting in 2014 I began documenting my trading with Youtube and my own video course.

Instructor Kagels Trading GmbH
Since 2017 I have been firmly integrated into Kagels Trading GmbH. I support Karsten in his daily business and in all other areas of the company. In addition I support our traders with my knowledge.