Month: January 2021

Trading Forums Overview (2021)

Trading Forums Babypips Elitetrader Forex Factory Best trading forums by traderlife Best trading forums (Part 1) Best trading forums (Part 2) Best trading forums (Part 3)

Facebook Trading Groups (2021)

Trading with Rayner – Forex Trading Community This is a friendly trading community for Forex and Futures traders.Link to the facebook group New Traders, Rich Traders This group is about connecting new traders with experienced traders. It is about shared knowledge to take all traders to the next level in their trading.Link to the facebook …

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Penny Stocks – Investing like the Wolf of Wallstreet? (2021)

Snapshot of Wolf of Wallstreet

If you’ve ever seen The Wolf of Wallstreet starring Leonardo DiCaprio or any other popular stock market movie, you’ve probably heard the terms “penny stock” and “pink sheets.” But they’re used so broadly that few people know what they really mean. In addition, definitions differ: a penny stock in Germany isn’t necessarily the same as …

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