Bracket Trader (2021) – The Ideal Trade Management Software

Bracket Trader

Software comparison – which one is the best? In this article we introduce the Bracket Trader. One of the biggest challenges to profitable trading is keeping your emotions under control. You’ve probably experienced it a hundred times: after entering a trade, you start to second-guess your rules and adjust your trade management strategy (if you …

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CapTrader broker – review, test, introduction (2021)

Captrader logo

Broker comparison – who is the best? In this article, we are introducing CapTrader. CapTrader is an online broker for international stock, option, ETF, futures, CFD, commodity, and currency/forex trading. CapTrader is an introducing broker of Interactive Brokers. The history of CapTrader The asset management and consultancy firm was established in 1997, and licenced by …

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